3 Main Processes, Diverse Products

Our polymer engineering capabilities are applied over a diverse range of products from packing and protection of consumer electronics to storage and transportation of fragile and precision components for the semiconductor, consumer electronics and electrical, data storage, telecommunications and automotive industries. In addition, we also produce plastic components and OEM devices for the world's leading consumer electronics, automotive and medical players.


Our products are manufactured using 3 main processes:

  • thermoforming
  • precision injection moulding
  • extrusion


Using the above core processes, we produce and supply high technology plastic parts, components, devices, trays, and packaging solutions such as:

More Value-Add Services

We also manufacture film for flexographic and offset printing, and flexographic printing plates which are used in flexographic printing industries and flexible packaging industries.

  • Flexographic printing plates (flexographic printing & flexible packaging)
  • Film (flexographic and offset printing)
  • Compounded polymers (extruded sheets)