Superior Facilities

Quality Products

Our core business is in the design and manufacture of a diverse range of precision injection moulded products including wafer shippers, medical parts, components and devices, and automation trays, specialised thermoformed plastic trays and packaging, extruded sheets, film, tube and compound, and flexographic printing plate.

Additionally, we provide an extensive range of important component and packaging production-related services, from design consultation to product development, from prototyping to mould fabrication. Clients from a wide variety of industries also seek us out to produce innovative packaging artwork.

Business Structure

  • Texchem Polymer Engineering Sdn Bhd (1076167-T)
  • Texchem-Pack (M) Sdn Bhd (44673-D)
  • Texchem-Pack (Johor) Sdn Bhd (271932-P)
  • Texchem-Pack (PP) Sdn Bhd (53719-T)
    •  Texchem Advanced Products Incorporated Sdn Bhd (872228-T)
  • Texchem-Pack (Thailand) Co Ltd
  • Texchem-Pack (Vietnam) Co Ltd
  • Texchem Life Sciences Sdn Bhd (201932-M)
  • Eye Graphic Sdn Bhd (206673-D)
    • PT. Eye Graphic Indonesia

Texchem Resources Bhd (16318-K), a public limited liability company, incorporated and domiciled in Malaysia and listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, wholly owns Texchem Polymer Engineering Sdn Bhd (1076167-T), the holding company for all companies listed above.

Facilities & Design

We use state-of-the-art technologies to develop and enhance our design and manufacturing abilities, including initial design consultation, product development, prototyping and mould fabrication to commercial manufacturing within the complete product development cycle.

Design Facilities

Revolutionary technologies such as 3D CAD/CAM software help to present a 3D visualization of the product without the need to build an actual model. With CAD/CAM software, you can preview your product in 3D before it is built or produced. The product design can be adjusted and fine-tuned easily and quickly, shortening the time needed to produce the product.

In addition to this, we have also invested in drop testing equipments to determine the ability of a package designed to withstand the rigors of handling by people and machinery during the products manufacturing or distribution life cycle.

Design Consultancy

Design consultancy allows us to use our vast industry knowledge and experience to help you make the right cost-effective decisions. We offer advice and recommendations particularly during the initial design consultation stage. We also advise on aesthetics, functionality and manufacturability as well as recommend on display, logistics and marketing considerations.

Mould Fabrication Capabilities

Complementing our design capabilities are CNC facilities for mould fabrication and soft tool fabrication to shorten time-to-market from design to product.

As automated machines, CNC facilities help reduce the frequency of errors and subsequently improve product quality and consistency. CNC facilities demonstrate superior manufacturing flexibility as product complexities are easily overcome. Curves are easy to cut, complex 3-D structures are easier to produce, and the number of machining steps that require human action is dramatically reduced. In addition, once moulds are made, we take great care to store your mould designs in secure fire-protected facilities.

CNC facilities aside, we offer too soft tool fabrication, another value-add service which allow us to produce moulds quickly for customers. This shortens the lead time needed to produce the finished product. Using soft tool fabrication, we help customers save on total product development costs.

Cleanroom Facilities

We provide cleanroom facilities to meet the stringent requirements of our customers in various industries. These are located at our productions facilities in Johor, Penang, Bangi and Ayutthaya. A cleanroom facility usually is a controlled environment with greatly reduced levels of dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. Our production facilities in Johor and Ayutthaya are capable of maintaining a Class 100 environment for the cleaning and packing of our products, while our Penang plant has in place a Class 100k production facility, together with washing facility capable of meeting the demanding cleanliness tests of hard disk and semiconductor customers for a wide range of products sizes.

Core Competencies

Fully Integrated Polymer Engineering Solutions Provider
As a vertically integrated polymer engineering solutions provider, we offer you all you need for a complete customized plastic parts, components, devices, automation tray, and precision packaging solution. We offer expertise and experience at every step of the products development cycle, including material customization, design, mould fabrication, high volume manufacturing, inventory management, quality assurance, Just-In-Time delivery and even recycling. Another key advantage is that we produce our own raw materials for the manufacturing process.

Strategic, Multi-site Production Facilities across Asia
With 9 production facilities strategically located across Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, we have the ability to handle and process high volume orders. As we are located within close proximity to our major customers, we are able to shorten delivery time, offer Just-In-Time delivery and ultimately, lower costs significantly.

Recognition of Excellence
We uphold high levels of quality and reliability assurance, with stringent quality checks before, during and after our manufacturing process. We have attained quality certification such ISO 9002 Quality Management System and ISO 13485 awards from SIRIM, a national organisation of standardization and quality in Malaysia. We’ve also received the ISO 14001 for our environmental management system and we were awarded the Sony Green Partnership from Sony to ensure eco-conscious manufacturing. On a group-wide basis, we train employees using the Six-Sigma methodology, a structured approach for quality improvement. We have also been awarded numerous performance excellence awards by our customers.

Advanced Design and Mould Fabrication Capabilities
Our teams work with revolutionary technologies such as 3D CAD/CAM software which shorten the product development cycle, thus allowing customers to bring a product from design to market faster. Complementing our design expertise are state-of-the-art tools and machinery such as CNC facilities for mould fabrication and soft tool fabrication to shorten time-to-market from design to product

Emphasis on Technology and R&D
Strong manufacturing technology and intensive R&D are our investment for the future. We continuously find ways to improve the way we manufacture our products to achieve greater cost efficiency and offer better quality.

A Robust Management Team
A robust management team with extensive business experience is another key strength of ours. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Fumihiko Konishi, the founder of Texchem Group, steers the Division management team as Executive Chairman of Texchem Resources Bhd. He is assisted by President and Group CEO,  Mr. Yap Kee Keong, Polymer Engineering Division President and CEO, Dr. Yuma Konishi, and supported by an experienced and professional team. The management team of Texchem-Pack is a dynamic mix of financial acumen and business experience.