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Injection Moulding

Semiconductor Wafer Shipping

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Filtration Solutions

Flexo Printing


We offer heavy gauge thermoformed structural components, trim pieces, exterior panels etc. for aircraft interior including galley, seating, and lavatory.


Our thermoforming (thin gauge and thick gauge) and injection molding facilities are capable of producing handling trays, housing, inserts, parts and components used in automobiles.

Data Storage / Hard Disk Drive

We design and produce precision thermoformed and injection molded automation trays, shipping trays and packaging, as well as innovative retail packaging for the world’s largest data storage companies.

We have been counted upon as the solutions provider for full spectrum of polymer engineering needs for the data storage industry.


We provide precise processing and packaging solutions from design, engineer, tool, and thermoform for customers in the electronics industry. We are also relied upon to provide innovative retail packaging designs which matches need for maximum protection with attractive display concept in addition automation and shipping trays.

Our products are widely used in industries such as:
• consumer electronics
• telecommunications / mobile phones

Medical & Life Sciences

Our ISO Class 7 and Class 8 certified clean rooms offer medical device manufacturers injection molding, heavy gauge thermoforming, thin gauge thermoforming and extrusion based products.

We offer our customers:

  • Medical device OEM and key components for IV infusion, IV Catheter, Ophthalmology, Urology, Airway management
  • Injection molded direct parts, feeding bottles, winged infusion tube holders, connectors, pipette / cannula, disposable syringe, laboratory supplies etc.
  • Heavy gauge parts, enclosures, housing, panels and cover for medical instrument and devices
  • Thermoform trays and packaging (including retail packaging)
  • Extruded tube, sheet for urinary / feeding bags, compounding and rigid film extrusion
  • Line Assembly


We offer semiconductor customers the best and safest wafer shipping solutions for both bare wafer shipping and finished wafer shipping.

Vertical Wafershipper offers the cleanest wafer shipping for bare wafers and the products conforms to industrial standard design to ensure the products fit to your existing production line.

Our Horizontal Wafershipper are designed to offer safe and efficient wafer shipping and storage solution.

To increase wafer protection during shipping, we also offer Wafer Separator Ring to replace carbon or non-woven interleaves (separator films). Our Wafer Separator Ring is designed for transporting bumped or sensitive wafer shipping with enhanced wafer protection which significantly reduce wafer surface contact.