We offer TRAKETCH® Membranes made by SABEU GmbH & Co. KG for different filtration solutions.

TRAKETCH® Membranes are widely used in:

  • Healthcare Devices
  • Lifesciences
  • Automotive
  • Food and Chemical Packaging
  • Electronics Devices

Advantages of TRAKETCH® membranes

  • Precisely definable pore sizes
  • Compatible with various sealing methods
  • High thermal stability
  • Flat and smooth surfaces
  • Supported or unsupported types
  • Biologically inert / non-toxic to cells (USP class VI)
  • Extremely low levels of extractable components
  • Conforming to FDA and EC food standards
  • Low levels of non-specific protein binding
  • Low affinity for staining, therefore high optical contrast
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • Sterilizable (gamma, autoclaving, EtO)
  • Pleatable
  • Because of the special manufacturing process, TRAKETCH® membranes have capillary pores, which – unlike stretched or foamed membranes – have very precise diameters and a very smooth surface.
  • TRAKETCH® Vent is characterized by a hydrophobic and oleophobic surface to achieve ideal venting. The air flow can be precisely adjusted due to the precisely defined pores.
  • TRAKETCH® Bio are ideal as surface filters for any liquid applications where cells and particles grow or are analyzed on the surface of the membrane, e.g. cell cultures in biotechnology applications as well as particles and microorganisms in environmental analysis.