An Overview

Our wholly-own subsidiary, Eye Graphic Sdn Bhd, was established in 1990 as a joint venture between Texchem and Eye Corporate Planning Japan. Today, Eye Graphic Sdn. Bhd. is the flexographic printing solutions partner of choice for customers requiring high quality prints in Malaysia. Due to the quality of our total printing solutions, we also export our printing plates to other Asian countries to support the requirements of our customers who have expanded overseas.

We Offer
  • Flexo Printing Plate
  • Packaging Artwork Design
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Colour Separation
  • Graphic Film Output
    Supply of Printing Line Related Product
Flexography in brief
Flexo Printing Plate

Flexo printing plate is used to transfer images onto a substrate such as carton box, paper, plastic bag etc.

The materials commonly used are:
Photopolymer – Solid (Conventional & Digital) and Liquid Materials

Normal thickness:

Digital Flexo

Eye Graphic caters to high-end flexographic printing & has invested in both Digital Imager as well as High Definition (HD) Flexo to address advancement in digital flexography and provide its customers with quality products beyond their expectations.

  • 7.00mm
  • 3.94mm
  • 2.84mm
  • 2.54mm
  • 1.70mm
  • 1.14mm
Flexo Printing Plate Manufacturing Process
01. Artwork Dept.

» Conceptual
» Designing
» Processing
» Scanning
» Imagesetting
» Outputting

02. Film Dept.

» Joining
» Contact
» Processing
» Touch-up

03. Plate Dept.

» Digital Imaging
» Exposure
» Washout
» Drying
» Treatment
» Final Exposure
» Galley Proof
» Packing

A complete solution for Packaging Design and Production.

We extend to clients the edge in packaging design, computerized production techniques, colors separation, high-resolution film output and Flexo Photopolymer Printing Plates of the highest quality with two sets of Esko CDI 5080 HD Digital Flexo Imager. Eye Graphic aims to push the limits of flexographic printing to match, if not exceed, the quality of offset and rotogravure.

Apart from manufacturing flexo printing plates used in the printing of a wide range of corrugated carton boxes, Eye Graphic also uses Macintosh-based design programme to produce innovative packaging artwork to cater to the needs of a variety of industries. With its total packaging design system, the company has created a one-stop centre offering a complete solution from conceptual design to final products.

Eye Graphic has the expertise to handle sophisticated flexo printing solutions for complex and competitive paper products and consumer packaging design markets. The company also supplies mounting film, plastic strips, edge sealing glue and a wide range of adhesive tapes to support corrugated printing line.

Our Quality Policy

Eye Graphic is committed to Total Customer Satisfaction through Continual Quality Improvement in every aspect of the business.

We focus on:

  • Ensuring On Time Delivery of Defect-Free Products
  • Providing Enhanced Support Services
  • Technology Innovation in Our Products, Processes and Services
  • Providing Increasing Value to Our Customers
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